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We build sophisticated, smart and user-friendly platforms to connect physicians and patients and make healthcare services easily accessible.
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Why mhealth?

Mhealth apps allow providing medical care services through the likes of smartphone or wearable health tracking devices.

It puts all patient needs on one platform; from scheduling appointments for doctor consultation to accessing or exchanging medical records, to generating e-prescription and even ordering medicines online, hence acting as a bridge between modern healthcare services and advancing information technology.

Dedicated team

GETSTREAM TURKEY leverages its knowledge and experience in IT online healthcare services to develop applications for web, mobile and wearables incorporating latest technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT, AR, VR, etc.

We provide you with AI-powered solutions that offer top notch UX/UI and complete data security to meet all your business and target audience requirements.

Tools and Technologies Used

Our team of experts employ various modern technologies and tools to elevate the user's experience of app maintenance.

How iOS app development can benefit your business?

When it comes to building powerful, secure, and scalable digital solutions, SMBs and Enterprises rely on iOS app development services

  • Health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA)

    Our HIPAA compliant mobile applications ensure security and confidentiality of patients information. Sensitive data of associated parties, including patients, doctors, hospitals, are protected when stored on devices or even during transmission via the client-server model.
  • Food and drug administration (FDA)

    All our apps that use GPS location, provide educational information, record patient-doctor conversations, use patient credentials like age, gender, etc. are all FDA compliant.
  • Health information technology for economic and clinical health

    We ensure to abide by the HITECH Act. HITECH strictly enforces the privacy & security rules of the HIPAA Act associated with the electronic transmission of health information, conducts periodic audits and imposes tougher fines in case of breaches. Hence it calls for greater accountability and we are at the top of it.

  • Health level-7


    The set of international standards defined by HL7 allows transfer and share of data among healthcare service providers, ensuring ease of operations for providers and improved customer services. It defines how the data is packaged and moved including defining the language, data type, and structure of the data and we make sure to follow these guidelines to a T.

Our Technology Stack

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